High School & Equivalent Positions (Anderson / Knox)

"Improving the lives of the people we serve."

With a wide range of available positions in the Knox and Anderson County area, you can join the McNabb Center team in fulfilling our mission: "Improving the lives of the people we serve"!

·  Are you a caring individual with a heart of compassion?

·  Do you want to help clients learn new skills to improve their everyday lives?

·  Do you want to work for THE name in mental health treatment in East Tennessee?

If you are interested in HS/Equivalent level positions located in our programs such as those below, select APPLY today! 

·  Intensive Long Term Support Residential Counselor - $13.80/hr. (HS Diploma) $16.80/hr (Bachelor's) Shift differential for evenings and nights. Residential Schedule (Shift Work). Travel Required. Responsible for implementing the daily routine for the ILS program: directly monitoring clients, facilitation of educational / activity groups, assistance with daily living skills, and the provision of social support including group outings in the community.

·  Resident Manager - $ ask about compensation M-F 8am-5pm. No travel required. Provides onsite property management for tenants to protect the legal rights and liabilities of the McNabb Center.

Peer Support Center Leader on Duty - $ ask about compensation. Residential Schedule (Shift Work) approximately 15 hours a week. Some travel required. Responsible for the day to day management of the Peer Support Center milieu, coordinating the daily schedule.